Probiotics and prebiotics

Resumen del capítulo

Effect of probioticcs and prebiotics on the human microbial ecology

Diego Domingo García

Probiotics include a group of microorganisms with beneficial health effects Which can be consumed in the diet in different foodstuffs. They have been used for a long time and show several characteristics and properties that are closely related with the human microbiota, which is the field of action of these group. This chapter also en¬compasses the different mechanisms of action of these microorganisms, and especially focuses on the treatment of dysbiosis which appears in certain diseases, and their use in clinical practice, emphasizing those which have proven the most efficacious. Other novel aspects such as their possible use in metabolic diseases (diabetes and obesity), their effects in neuromodulation, especially in the production of neurotansmisor sub¬stances (increasing the range of action to neurologic and psychiatric disease) and their contribution to human evolution by changing the microbial ecology, a very important factor in human life.

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