Anti-inflammatory diet

Resumen del capítulo

Does and anti-inflammatory diet exist? An evolutionary approach

Alvaro Daschner

In the scientific literature it is more difficult to find allusions under the term "anti-inflammatory diet", whereas other media propose a diet with anti-inflammatory properties. The rationale arises from the application of studies that associate certain foods or nutrients with pro- or anti-inflammatory effects. In the present work the concept of low level systemic inflammation is initially described. Then foods that could be associated with it are analyzed from an evolutionary perspective. Several anthropogenic factors can affect health in industrialized countries. Among them the accelerated changes in our dietary habits are associated with the risk of onset of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, but also other chronic inflammatory diseases. An analysis of the healthy properties of fish, fresh fruits and vegetables or fermented foods point to compounds such as polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, phytochemicals, vitamins, some minerals or fiber as responsible for anti-inflammatory properties. It thus follows the proposal to include these food-items with an anti-inflammatory effect in the diet. This perspective shows similarity to the so-called Mediterranean diet, transmitted over generations. Finally it should not be forgotten to take care only of dietary habits, but also of other lifestyle- factors, such as physical activity or adequate rest.

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